Thursday, March 27, 2014

Character Spotlight: THOBIAS ALLEMAND

In the Ebon City series, Thobias Allemand is the vampire who turned Ezekiel Blake into a vampire. Born in 1470 CE in Germany, Thobias is five-hundred and thirty years old by the start of the first novel. Turned into a vampire in 1500 CE, he initially resisted his vampiric instincts, abstaining from human blood until he starved and was entombed for fifty years. Since then, he has embraced his sadistic and predatory nature, devouring countless victims.

Illustration by Chandra Pandhita.
Commissioned by Leo Featherstone © 2013.

UNKNOWN FACTS: Thobias was a member of the House of Habsburg. Even as a human, he was a ghoulish-looking young man, treated with disdain by even his own family. Despite his mistreatment, he was an honorable soldier who fought valiantly for the Habsburgs in the Swabian War of 1499. Though recognized for his bravery as a knight, he was distrusted by his own foot solders. The Habsburgs ultimately lost the Swabian War to the Swiss Confederacy, and Thobias returned home. His family ridiculed him for his failures against the Swiss armies, but one person commended him for his valor, a mysterious guest to his father's castle. This guest later revealed himself to be a vampire, who turned Thobias into a vampire against his will.

12/12/2017 Update: Thobias Allemand's name was changed to Tobias Schafer in Ebon City: Crossroads, a reboot of Ebon City: Death and the Maiden. The character hails from Germany, and I recently learned that Thobias is spelled without an H in German, and that Allemand is not actually German, but rather the French word for "German."

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