Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Art School and Writing Update

I wish I could say that my rewrites have progressed significantly since my last update, but they haven't. I really wanted to finish revising Book 1 of Ebon City last summer, but I was sidetracked with personal issues. Then classes started up again, and I just couldn't find the time or energy between class projects to focus on writing. I managed to get about twenty pages rewritten and proofed by my editor, but twenty pages over a five-month period is pretty disappointing.

On a happy note, I'm making good use of my art classes. As seen in my previous posts, I've done a couple of character designs for my Ebon City series, and for my final project in Intermediate Illustration, I'm going to do a digital painting of my main character Ezekiel. Here's the initial sketch for the painting.

Illustration by Leo Featherstone © 2015.

Digitally painting this piece is going to be tricky because I've only ever used photoshop and a tablet to do cartoony illustrations, never paint before. It's my hope that one day I'll have the skills necessary to illustrate my own book covers, and maybe even do interior illustrations at the beginning of each chapter. I had to commission other artists to do the book cover illustrations for the first and second books of Ebon City, because the cartoon style I'm used to just doesn't work with the tone of my books. I really want to nail down the skills necessary to illustrate in multiple styles, not just for my own series, but so I can be a professional illustrator for other authors.

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