Saturday, September 30, 2017

BIG DECISION! "Ebon City: Crossroads"

I’ve been working on the revised edition of Ebon City: Death and the Maiden for a while now, and I’ve grown very dissatisfied with the plot’s framework. When I first started writing Death and the Maiden, I didn’t plan to pursue writing seriously. These novels were initially just going to be a “hobby” while I looked for a “real job.” Now things have changed, and I plan to pursue writing and illustration as a serious career path. But I didn’t write Death and the Maiden with the serious mindset one needs to tell a good original story.

The first draft of Death and the Maiden was written for my own enjoyment, and the components that were most important to me were the characters and the setting. I had been dreaming up these characters and this world ever since I was a teenager (ugh, now I feel old), and I didn’t really care what happened in the story. Because of this, I slap-dashed my way through the plot and relied way too heavily on overused vampire literary tropes.

As a side note, the website TV Tropes will ruin your life!

The more I worked on the revised edition, the more these worn-out clichés bothered me. I’ve been getting a lot of interesting ideas lately to change the framework of Death and the Maiden. These ideas would undo some of the clichés in my novel (not all of them, but some), and introduce new exciting story elements. Or at least they’re exciting to me.

I know some of my readers are going to enter the world of Ebon City through the first edition of Death and the Maiden, and having two versions floating around will probably confuse these readers. So I've decided to give the revised edition a different title, so readers will recognize the difference between the non-canonical Death and the Maiden, and the revised canonical edition, Ebon City: Crossroads.

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