Wednesday, July 4, 2018


Guess who has two thumbs and his own vlog series. Please check out the first episode of my YouTube series and subscribe to my channel!

Transcription of Episode 1:

LEO: Hey there, folks, and welcome to my channel. My name is Leo Featherstone, and I'm a freelance illustrator and self-published author. I've written one novel so far, published back in 2013, and I've since retired that novel, and I'm currently in the process of rewriting it. The original novel was titled Ebon City: Death and the Maiden, and the reboot will be titled Ebon City: Crossroads. The novel follows a repentant vampire named Ezekiel Blake, who takes an [inexperienced] sorceress named Angela Thorn under his wing. Ezekiel wishes to find companionship and change the course of his solitary life. This will be the first installment of a book series [the Ebon City series], which will share a story of love, survival, and the soul's eternal search for one's true identity. The first two chapters of the new manuscript are available on my website, and I will be adding the third chapter later this month. [I'll put a] link in the description. Now regarding my decision to use an avatar instead of just filming myself, the reasoning is twofold. One, I'm just not ready to show my face live on camera, and secondly, I don't actually have a camera with which to film myself. I suppose I could use my phone to do that, but the quality would be pretty piss-poor. So I'll be using this avatar for the time being. As I get better at video editing, I'll be adding facial expressions and gestures to the avatar to make it semi-animated. Since I'm so new at video editing, I hope you'll bear with me as I find my groove. I'll be scripting my vlog episodes from this point on. So hopefully I won't sound so disjointed in future episodes. And hopefully, with any luck, my voice-over skills will improve. Now, what will my vlog series be focusing on? Well, something you need to know about me, when I wrote and published my first novel, I made pretty much every single mistake you could possibly make during the writing and publishing process. I relied way too heavily on tropes and clichés, I didn't seek out feedback through beta-reading or critique partners, I published through a vanity press, and I did nothing to market the book before it was published. And I'd like to help other aspiring authors avoid these same mistakes and give helpful writing advice. I'm also playing around with the idea of doing some online reviews, but we'll see where my content evolves from this point onward. Anyway, I think that's everything I wanted to cover in this first video. Thanks for stopping by. Please like this video, subscribe, and hit the bell icon next to the subscribe button to be notified when I upload my next video. See you next time.

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