Monday, July 23, 2018

Book Review: JOHN SAMUELSON by Seleuf

"Strange things have been happening on the streets of London, people have gone missing, and John Samuelson finds himself haunted by the occurrences around him. At night he hears things, sees things that are almost beyond his ability to comprehend, but even if he could describe them, would anyone believe him?"
—Amazon Plot Description

There's someone—or something—lurking in the alley across the street from John Samuelson's home. Simple enough premise, fantastic execution in my opinion. This short story is nicely paced and eerie, slowly building up the suspense as we draw closer to John Samuelson's inevitable confrontation with the entity across the street. The only complaint I have was there were a few grammatical mistakes, which a copyeditor could've helped out with, but there are very few of these mistakes. I give John Samuelson 5 out of 5 stars.

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"Born and raised in Sweden to multilingual parents, Seleuf began life primarily with English, learning Swedish in school. Although this put their skills in Swedish at a disadvantage, their skills in English flourished with exposure through family, television, computer games and later the vast and ever expanding internet. It was through the latter that Seleuf met L. Wilde, who became both an inspiration and a co-writer to many fantastical and character driven stories. Seleuf mainly writes character driven stories, often in high fantasy or urban fantasy settings, and does not shy away from any aspect of the character's lives; whether it be a heated argument or a new act in the bedroom."
—Amazon Author Biography


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