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Character Profile: EZEKIEL BLAKE

My character profiles are based on Jenna Moreci's template described in her YouTube video "How to Create a Character Profile." I tweaked this template for my own profiles, but if you wish to see Jenna's original template, you can read one of her character profiles here.

Note: This profile includes terminology unique to the vampire lore in my novels. I'll provide brief definitions of these terms in [brackets].

Illustration by Leo Featherstone © 2016.

Basic Info

Nature: 3rd Scion [generational hierarchal position] vampire.

Species: Homo sapiens sanguinarius.

Gender: Cisgender male.

Birth: February 17, 1580.
> Death: August 8, 1620.
> Transcendence [rise from the dead]: August 13, 1620.
> Age: Almost 420.
> Physical Age: 40.

Ethnicity: English and Welsh.

Birthplace: London, England.

Culture: England, circa 1600 CE.

Religion: Uncertain.
> Former Religions: Puritanism.

Lifestyle: Affluent dandy. Ezekiel has gradually accrued his wealth over the centuries working as a merchant.
> Former Lifestyles: Before his Anointment, Ezekiel and his family were not particularly wealthy, but they were comfortable.

Appearance and Presentation

Height: 6’6”.

Body: Broad-shouldered and muscular from working most of his life as a carpenter and joiner. Ezekiel was initially employed by his father, often assigned the laborious tasks of cutting, sculpting, and carrying beams and joints. Ezekiel continued woodworking after his father died, and the labor kept him fit right up to his Anointment [transformation into a vampire].

Face: Square chin and a Roman nose. He has a scar running down his right cheek, inflicted by Tobias’s claw before Ezekiel was Anointed.

Hair: Long, straight, brown hair with a golden sheen.
> Facial Hair: Full pointed beard with a handlebar mustache.

Eyes: Sapphire-blue eyes that twinkle when he’s pleased. A vampire’s eyes glow red if the vampire is excited, and the pupils will thin into snakelike slits if the vampire is angry.

Skin: Deeply tanned skin. A vampire’s complexion will turn deathly white when the vampire becomes excited or angry.

Demeanor: Refined walk and dignified posture.

Voice: Deep baritone voice with an Oxford English accent.

Typical Attire: Double-breasted suits with pinstripes, sateen dress shirts, silk neckties, black-and-white spectator shoes, and black leather gloves. His favored hat is a black fedora. Will also wear full evening attire with a top hat and a black opera cape with red silk lining.

Mannerisms and Habits: Strokes his beard when thinking, prefers to leave suit jacket unbuttoned when relaxed, and his favorite term of endearment is “darling.”

Additional Notes: Ezekiel’s appearance is often compared to Renaissance depictions of Christ. Vampires have fangs, pointed ears, claws, and small vestigial tails. Male vampires have dark fur on their hands and feet.


Family: Ezekiel loved his family, but his overzealous Puritan ideals often put him at odds with his more moderate family members. His father, Zachariah Blake, was an open-minded and compassionate fellow. Ezekiel often got into heated arguments with Zachariah over religion and justice. Ezekiel now realizes his father was right and regrets how he treated him. Ezekiel’s mother, Constance Blake, was a paranoid schizophrenic and religious fanatic who gave her son a human skull when he was a child as a reminder to be good and avoid going to Hell. Ezekiel’s relationship with his first younger brother, Solomon Blake (b. 1588), was strained. Ezekiel was idolized by his second younger brother, Jeremiah Blake (b. 1596). Ezekiel’s youngest sibling was his sister, Mercy Blake (b. 1602), who he adored. Zachariah, Constance, and Solomon died of consumption in January 1608. Ezekiel married Lydia Blake née Doty (b. 1597) in 1615, and they had their daughter, Abigail Blake, around 1616 – 1617. In 1619, Mercy married a non-Puritan Dutchman, and Ezekiel disowned her as his sister. Ezekiel was separated from the remainder of his family (Jeremiah, Lydia, and Abigail) when he was Anointed in 1620. Ezekiel was estranged from his sister’s family because he hated Mercy’s husband, Dominicus Vogel. Mercy and Dominicus had two sons, Cornelis Vogel and Zachariah Vogel. Zachariah died when he was a child, and Cornelis married a woman named Ida. Cornelis and Ida had two children, Dominicus Vogel II (b. 1650) and Margaretha Vogel (b. 1652). Ezekiel met his great-nephew and great-niece in 1670, an encounter omitted to prevent spoilers. Additional family members omitted to prevent spoilers.

Colony [group of vampires]: Ezekiel's Colony includes his Anointer [vampire who turns a human into another vampire], Tobias Schafer, and Tobias’s two other Acolytes [vampiric “offspring” of an Anointer], who are omitted to prevent spoilers. Tobias turned Ezekiel into a vampire against his will, which Ezekiel eventually came to resent. Ezekiel and Tobias were lovers for many years, but Ezekiel believed his love for Tobias was supernaturally induced, which strained their relationship. Their romance ended when Tobias did something omitted to prevent spoilers. Ezekiel restricted his diet to villains, but the other vampires in his Colony often devoured the innocent, causing Ezekiel to gradually distance himself from the Colony. In 1725, something happened that is omitted to prevent spoilers. This incident led Ezekiel to abandon his Colony altogether, but Tobias keeps trying to find Ezekiel to force him back into the Colony.

Friends: Ezekiel has tried several times to find love and friendship over the centuries, and though he formed some relationships with people he legitimately cared about, they suffered at the hands of Tobias’s Colony or because of Ezekiel’s mistakes. Ezekiel currently only has one friend, Prudence Hughes, who knows nothing about vampires or the supernatural. Ezekiel met Prudence four years ago. He developed an attraction to her that was not reciprocated. The plot of the first novel revolves around Ezekiel forming a deep friendship with Angela Thorn and her uncle, Corin Montagu.

Romance and Eroticism

Orientation and any Atypical Sexual Desires: Bisexuality, fetishism, hematolagnia, and erotophonophilia.

Sexual Experience: Growing up as a Puritan, Ezekiel was not supposed to have pre-marital sex, but he ended up having a few meaningless dalliances in his late teens anyway. When he reached adulthood, he took his religious beliefs more seriously and didn’t engage in sexual intercourse again until age 35 when he married Lydia Doty. Since becoming a vampire, he’s had three more sexual partners: Tobias, James, and Eilwen.

Romantic Experience: Had no romantic feelings for the women he had sexual relations with in his adolescence, but he did love Lydia, Tobias, James, and Eilwen. He also developed romantic feelings for Prudence, but she gently turned him down. He is presently single.

Special Notes: Ezekiel is attracted to people who are intelligent and creative—artists, musicians, thespians, and authors. He’s also aroused by the smell of flowers, the feel of silk or satin, and the way hair ripples and coils as it blows in the wind. Vampires don’t experience lust the way most people do. Regardless of what their orientation was in life, a vampire’s sexuality is potentially limitless, going beyond gender and appearance. They have the capacity to fetishize any body part, inanimate object, or situation that catches their interest. Their sexual attraction to another person often has nothing to do with said person’s physical beauty or gender, but instead has to do with their demeanor—what they’re wearing, how they walk, talk, and their temperament. Their desires also have a dark side. As expected of creatures that subsist on blood, vampires are aroused by the smell and taste of blood, and they also find erotic gratification in the act of murder.


Skills: Was an expert carpenter, joiner, trim designer, and cabinetmaker in life. Since his mortal death, Ezekiel has become a talented painter, opera singer, actor, pianist, flautist, and violinist. He can speak Dutch, Welsh, French, and Italian.

Knowledge: Different art techniques, art history, literature, the occult to a limited degree, and exposure to different European cultures.

Education: Has no degrees, but does have roughly four centuries of avid self-education.

Occupation: Is presently the owner, founder, and CEO of the art dealership Bloodstone Antiquities in London.

Hobbies: Art, music, theatre, and literature. Ezekiel loves visiting art museums and attending plays, ballets, and operas (prefers comedies over tragedies).

Powers: Chimerism, regeneration, lust-inducing bite, tenfold strength, mind reading, mind control, tactile transmutation, and working ice.

Personality and Character

Introvert or extrovert? Used to be very introverted, especially throughout the early and mid-twentieth century, but gradually became extremely (often annoyingly) extroverted, being very charismatic, witty, and flamboyant.

Masculine or Feminine? Mostly masculine, but not afraid to show his sensitive side.

Creative or Analytical? Mostly creative. He can be analytical sometimes, but very often, he gets too wrapped up in his romantic ideals and needs someone to snap him back to reality.

Strengths: Exceptionally kind and protective (to those who deserve compassion). He’s artistic, charming, intelligent, reliable, generous, contemplative, and fiercely loyal to the people he loves.

Weaknesses: Most prevalent weakness is self-loathing, something Ezekiel tries desperately to hide with his charm. As a vampire, Ezekiel derives a perverse pleasure in taking lives, an inhuman instinct that conflicts with his true humane disposition and leaves him with a great deal of guilt, even if he only targets evildoers. He’s also a bit cowardly when it comes to stronger opponents, namely his Anointer Tobias. Over the last four centuries, Ezekiel’s tactic of dealing with Tobias and his Acolytes was to flee and go into hiding in a different country. He’s ashamed of his past inability to stand up to Tobias, and though he never truly dealt with his fears, he tries to overcompensate in the first novel by confronting his enemies alone. He’s also prone to the weaknesses that plague all vampires (listed in story bible).

Goals, Dreams, and Aspirations: The thing Ezekiel wants most in the world is friends and family (who aren’t bloodsucking murderers). He’s made some attempts over the centuries to reconnect with humanity, only to tragically lose his loved ones. A century earlier, Ezekiel effectively gave up on finding love and friendship, and he has spent the better part of the twentieth century in solitude. This was the longest he’s ever gone without companionship, and he recently decided to try again to rejoin humanity.

Beliefs and Affiliations: Ezekiel was raised as a Puritan, and he, therefore, believes in God, Christ, and the Devil. He was a devout Christian in life, but now that he’s a vampire, he believes he is unworthy of God and will be damned to Hell if he is ever vanquished. Despite this, he still has faith in virtue and honesty, and he hopes for a chance to redeem himself. This hope for redemption inspires Ezekiel to treat the innocent with compassion.

Fears: The thing Ezekiel is most afraid of is losing the people he loves. He spent the last century in solitude, the isolation almost driving him mad. The thought of experiencing that loneliness again terrifies him. This is the main drive behind his desire to protect his loved ones, and he takes the death of a friend very hard. He is also deathly afraid of his Anointer and the dangers posed by the other vampires in Tobias’s Colony.

Insecurities: Before his Anointment, Ezekiel was a very coldhearted and smallminded Puritan who condemned anyone that didn’t measure up to the unreasonable standards of his religious doctrine. He often worries about how the people he loves would react if they found out what he used to be like, and agonizes over the fact that it took dying and becoming an unholy abomination to make him reevaluate his social outlook. Compound that with the fact that he takes sadistic pleasure in murdering his victims, and he constantly questions if he even deserves friends and family.

What would he die for? His loved ones.

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