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Character Profile: ANGELA FLEUR THORN

My character profiles are based on Jenna Moreci's template described in her YouTube video "How to Create a Character Profile." I tweaked this template for my own profiles, but if you wish to see Jenna's original template, you can read one of her character profiles here.

Illustration by Leo Featherstone © 2018.

Basic Info

Nature: Innate mage.

Species: Homo sapiens.

Gender: Cisgender female.

Birthdate: October 31, 1977.
> Age: Just turned 22.

Birthplace: Annecy, France.

Culture: France and America.

Ethnicity: English, French, Irish, and Romanian.

Religion: Catholicism.

Lifestyle: Undergraduate student raised by her affluent uncle.

Appearance and Presentation

Height: 5’8”.

Body: Slender, hourglass figure.

Face: Narrow chin and a button nose. She has a small mole on the right side of her chin.

Hair: Waist-length, straight, copper-red hair.

Eyes: Dark brown eyes that look almost black.

Skin: Fair.

Demeanor: Mature, but casual.

Voice: Soprano with a Mid-Atlantic American accent.

Typical Attire: Casual, but will dress appropriately for special occasions.

Mannerisms and Habits: Squeezes fingertips when nervous, a habit she developed to stop herself from chewing her nails.


Family: Angela’s father, Aidan Julius Thorn, was born and raised in Ebon City. Aidan’s parents were Julius Thorn, who was of English descent, and Ailbhe Thorn née McGrath, an Irish immigrant. Angela’s mother, Mireille Belle Thorn née Montagu, was French with some Transylvanian ancestry. Angela was raised by her loving, middle-class parents, who wrote books on religion, mythology, and folklore. Angela’s paternal grandfather, Julius Thorn, passed away from lung cancer before she was born. When Angela was a child, her parents introduced her to her affluent uncle, Corin Montagu. Some information on Corin is omitted to prevent spoilers. In 1984, Angela went on a camping trip with her parents. She was seven years old at the time. The family was caught in a forest fire, and Aidan and Mireille were presumedly killed (their bodies were never found). Angela can’t remember that evening, and it’s likely she suppressed those memories due to trauma. She was then adopted by Corin. Corin was a kind and doting parent to Angela, but he was unable to raise her by himself. He immigrated to Ebon City in America so that Angela’s paternal grandmother, Ailbhe, could help him raise Angela. Ailbhe was a kind and eccentric woman, and Angela loved her dearly. When Angela started having dreams of her father Aidan visiting her, Ailbhe insisted that the visitations were real and that her son Aidan was now Angela’s guardian angel. Angela and her caretakers discovered she could magically work fire when she was nine years old. Corin and Ailbhe's response to Angela's fire magic is omitted to prevent spoilers. Angela believes that she may have inadvertently caused the fire that killed her parents, and she’s carried that guilt ever since. Ailbhe passed away from a stroke in 1994, and Angela still misses her. Corin is presently Angela’s only known living relative, and Angela loves him more than anything in the world.

Friends: Angela currently only has one friend, Honorato Leite, who knows nothing about mages, vampires, or the supernatural. Because of her empathic sense, Angela is very compassionate, but her empathy also made her school years a nightmare. She often channeled the emotions of her classmates and, initially not knowing where these feelings came from, would act out on them. Most of her teachers and classmates thought she was unstable. Honorato was also a social outcast due to having ADHD, dyslexia, and being overweight. So he sympathized with Angela, and the two became best friends. Angela and Honorato love each other very much, but not romantically. That doesn’t stop their families from constantly declaring how they would make a perfect couple. Angela appreciates Honorato’s friendship, but she often wishes she had girlfriends to talk to about things she doesn’t feel comfortable sharing with Honorato. The plot of the first novel revolves around Angela’s budding relationship with the vampire Ezekiel Blake.

Romance and Eroticism

Orientation: Heterosexuality.

Sexual Experience: None, still a virgin. Angela doesn’t date and mostly keeps to herself. She’s an empath who can feel what other people are feeling, and she finds it very unsettling to channel the feelings of men who are lusting after her. These foreign desires make it difficult for Angela to process her own yearnings, and she wants the freedom to feel her own desires if and when she does anything intimate with a man.

Romantic Experience: No relationships, but Angela has experienced romantic feelings for a few men throughout her life. She didn’t pursue these men for the reasons mentioned above. She is presently single.

Additional Notes: Angela prefers large muscular men with groomed facial hair. She’s particularly turned on by brawny men with calm, reassuring dispositions. Angela would be Team Hunter (aka Team Orion) if she read The Savior’s Champion by Jenna Moreci. She wants a partner who’s strong and composed, who makes her feel safe and at ease, who she can confide in, and whose lust doesn’t overwhelm her empathic sense to the point where she can’t process her own desires.


Skills: Took art classes in college on drawing and painting. She’s very organized and meticulous. She has a decent singing voice from taking choir in high school.

Fitness: In good physical condition. Angela eats healthy and likes to take long walks. Her physical strength is average for someone her age.

Knowledge: Art history with a focus on Renaissance art, architecture, and iconography. She’s also knowledgeable in literature, mythology, folklore, religion, and museum practice. She’s fluent in French and English.

Education: Graduated from a Catholic school with a 3.8 GPA. She’s presently a college senior earning a bachelor’s degree in art history with a minor in studio arts. She’s applying to a graduate program in curatorial practice.

Occupation: Currently a student, but aspires to be a museum curator. She recently finished a curatorial internship at the Ebon City Museum of Art.

Hobbies: Art, music, theatre, and literature. Angela loves visiting art museums and attending plays, ballets, and operas with her uncle (prefers comedies over tragedies). She likes to draw using conté and soft pastels.

Powers: Working fire, reading feelings, and precognitive dreaming. At present, Angela can’t turn off her empathy and instead has to envision a barrier around her mind to block out other people’s feelings. Her empathic magic has a range of three yards, and her fire magic has a range of approximately fifty yards and is triggered by intense emotions, including those channeled from other people. Her precognitive visions are not literal images of the future, but rather symbolic representations. She has difficulty distinguishing prophetic visions from regular dreams. Some information on Angela's powers is omitted to prevent spoilers.

Personality and Character

Introvert or extrovert? Introvert with most people, but will warm up quickly to individuals who are emotionally stable and kindhearted. She’s very outgoing and cheerful with people she’s comfortable around.

Masculine or Feminine? Mostly feminine, but also has a little bit of a tomboyish side.

Creative or Analytical? Mostly creative. She’s moderately artistic and easily gets lost in reading, listening to music, or looking at art. Very intuitive.

Strengths: Extremely compassionate due to her empathic magic. She can easily tell which people have good hearts. She has a deep fondness for these individuals and cares about their wellbeing. Though she keeps to herself out of fear of possibly hurting others with her magic, the few times she allows herself to make friends, she forms strong bonds. When she lets her guard down, her great sense of humor shines through. She’s intelligent, conscientious, imaginative, loyal, and polite. She shows traces of bravery, though her courage needs some growth.

Flaws: Very insecure and has difficulty asserting herself. She’s consumed with guilt over the deaths of her parents (presumedly by her own magic), and she’s terrified of hurting someone else or losing her uncle. This fear can and probably will be used against her. Angela’s also a bit impulsive, though not as bad as when she was a child. When she channeled the feelings of her classmates, she often acted out on those feelings without thinking. As an adult, her impulsivity can lead her to rush into situations she’s not prepared for. She’s not the most convincing liar.

Goals, Dreams, and Aspirations: Angela aspires to be a museum curator. She loves being surrounded by art and wants to be a caretaker for artwork. She also dreams of having more friends she can confide in about her preternatural secrets. Angela would like to have a romantic experience where she has the freedom to process her desires without her partner’s lust subjugating her own feelings. She dreams of either not having magic or at least having control over her magic so that no one is in danger around her.

Beliefs and Affiliations: Angela was raised Catholic by her parents and paternal grandmother. She believes in God, Christ, and the Devil. Some information on Angela's beliefs are omitted to prevent spoilers.

Fears: Angela lost both her parents when she was a child (likely killed by her own magic), and her grandmother passed away when she was a teenager. So she’s very cognizant of the fact that she may lose other people she loves. Angela is scared of hurting anyone with her magic, but losing Corin in particular is a fear that consumes her on a daily basis. She also has a phobia of heights, which give her the irrational sensation that the sky is trying to suck her up, and she needs to be close to the ground to be secured by gravity.

Insecurities: She’s very nervous and withdrawn around most people because of the volatile nature of her fire magic. She has no confidence whatsoever in her ability to work magic safely, and she’s practically socially crippled by the fear that she might hurt someone. Regarding the dating scene, Angela gets very uncomfortable when she empathically senses that someone is turned on by her, not because Angela’s prudish, but because she’s experiencing another person’s lust, and in a messed up roundabout way, she’s basically being turned on by herself. Setting the magic aside, Angela is also afraid of disappointing others. During her curatorial internship, she had recurrent nightmares of accidentally damaging or losing pieces of the art collection. She thinks she did a mediocre job, but she actually did fantastic work and impressed her intern supervisors.

What would she die for? Her uncle.

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